About us...

...a cosy place ready to embrace plenty of good-mooded people, where you can smell coffee of great taste and frequently hear the sounds of good live music. Great place to have a coffee during the day, and a swell place to go for concerts and having fun with friends in the evening...

...magical atmosphere gets right under your skin...

Your... Archangels :)

Radničné námestie 10/B
960 01  Banská Štiavnica 

Archangels in charge:

  +421 915 365 371
  +421 918 276 748


How it all started...

...we had been wandering the world for a long time. Once, by happenstance, we found ourselves standing behind the bar, just to realize that we love it.

Odvtedy sme už z barového sveta neodišli.

Since then, we have never left the bar world.One day, we‘ve got this crazy, spontaneous open the bar we’d been dreaming of - our own. The destiny has brought us here, to the „Land of fairytales“, breathing with history, exceptionality, friendship and incredibly positive energy... we felt all this and much more here in Schemnitz.

It’s easy to dream here... :)

And, because nothing is impossible if you put a piece of your heart into it, mix it with years of experience and add a pinch of your own charisma.... the doors of ARCHANGEL Café Bar have opened for the first time in reality. Our dream came true on August 20th, 2010.

How we do it....

We have focused upon the ways in which a bartender with personality could leave an unforgettable impression in his guests. Our KNOW-HOW, mixed with our stage fright caused by awareness of responsibility and our joy that we wanted to do it and we did... and with the good feeling that where‘s the will, there’s always a way - even in the most improbable place - to gather great people and brainstorm ideas that are moving things towards the better. This is how we managed to create our almost family-like atmosphere... a place where people are going to their favourite bar to have a drink and chat with friends :)

Thanks to you, we have managed to generate a good clientele of people who appreciate our efforts, people who like us and who we like, people enjoying themselves, the nightlife, good drinks and high/quality service. This is the clientele we’ve been targeting... it’s all our guests, every single one. There is no other criterion.

...The guests usually resemble their bars and the bars resemble their guests...

...what more can we say? :)

...we all know that the best place to have a drink is where you’re served with a big smiiiiiile :)

                                                                                                       ARCH@NJELI xxx